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PTCWall (again) May 11, 2019
Since no one mentioned to me that my account needed to be re-approved at PTCWall I did not know.

Well ok, I will not berate you further. But PTCWall is active once again.
And even though they only pay in fake money I will keep them because they are a good incentive for International members.


RevenueWall Jan 1, 2019
All your surveys in one place!

Some of you have already noticed the new RevenueWall wall listed in the OfferWall dropdown. Here you will find surveys surveys and MORE surveys! Some of them are among the highest paying surveys I have ever seen on a GPT site.

You will need to register the first time but after that they will load for you with just a couple of short profiler questions. The surveys WORK, and they DO credit. I have done a couple myself and as most of you know the number of surveys available for a man my age in Canada (especially in Québec!) are very limited. There should be surveys for most countries but of course I understand that many countries will find it hard to find one for them.

Postback may or may not be fully functional as yet. 2/3 of the surveys SHOULD post back as of now. I cannot be sure because the ones I completed were done before the survey was fully added to KMC. But if you complete a survey and it does not post back to your account, I will know and credit your KMC account directly while I am setting up the ones that remain.

Please try to do as many as possible during this testing phase so I can fix any postback issues which might arise as quickly as I can.
Thank you to all my loyal and long-suffering members. I wish you all great success in 2019

PTCWall Dec 20, 2018

Hi guys.
PTCWall no longer is able to pay via PayPal. As with most of those other PTC/PTR based sites (which you can probably list yourself) they recently lost their PayPal account. Subsequently they have been sold and the new owners deal exclusively with Bitcoin. Since I do not believe in imaginary money and CryptoCrap I will be removing PTCWall from the dropdown menus by the end of the year.

Obviously International members will be hurt the most by this but watch for the addition of new OfferWalls in the days and weeks to come

"Payments have been sent!" inbox messages Feb 10, 2018
Hey guys!

It has come to my attention that the popup notifying you that you have a new message is causing some trouble. In short one member has told me that after receiving the popup notice the Videolab videos suddenly become unavailable.

Weird? Hell yes! But the point of this site is for you and (me) to make money. So if by letting you know I have paid is interfering in that, then I'm going to stop. The initial reason for doing it was so that you all knew;
1) I pay every day and
2) I'm done so don't expect to get paid until tomorrow.

But it's not really needed anymore. You all know I pay daily and most request payout before I even get up in the morning.
Don't worry, I will still be making all payments first thing in the morning. I may even make payments randomly throughout the day when the timing is right for me.

So, tomorrow February 11th, will be the LAST "payments have been sent" notice. :)

Slide into 2018 Dec 31, 2017
What's up for January 2018? Well I am not messing with the proven formulae, meaning $0.10/$1.00 earned bonuses will remain. Also the VideoLab/OfferWall contest returns with GREATLY increased winnings and more winners. This is thanks to your excellent particpation in December.

Here are a couple other ideas I am tossing around:

1) NON-OfferWall completion bonuses
2) NON-US bonuses to wake up our International members

Let me know what you think, please?

And I want to take this opportunity to thank ALL of our members for the success in 2017 and wish them much more of the same, both here at KMC and in their personal lives

We DID it!!! Nov 30, 2017
We reached our minimum cashout for November on Toro. Just barely but bare counts for many things.....

What that means is there WILL be a VideoLab/OfferWall contest for December. It's a small one but size doesn't matter (or so I have been told). So let's ROCK December and make it very Merry!

And the votes are in! Oct 31, 2017
And the votes are in!
Thank you all for your input. Here are the results:

1) Reduce the $0.10 Bonus to $0.06 (5 votes)
2) Increase the Minimum payment to $3.00 (6 votes)
3) Adjust Offer values to cover the 4% (1 vote)
4) Just pay the freaking fee for me and STFU (1 vote)

No one voted for 5 or 6....

So lets examine the options you have chosen.
1) Reduce the $0.10 Bonus to $0.06 : Well that works fine for me, but I dont think its fair to you. So I will hold off on this for now. Well see how November goes
2) Increase the Minimum payment to $3.00  ; Sure but you always had the option to wait to withdraw a larger amount. The way it is now you will only be hurting yourself if you withdraw small amounts. And youre not idiots, you can all do the math. So no need to change, really?
3) Adjust Offer values to cover the 4%  : This would help me out of course, but you would be paid less and as with Option #1 is it really fair to you? And besides, it would be a b*tch to make the adjustments on all the OfferWalls.
4) Just pay the freaking fee for me and STFU : Believe it or not this was my plan all along. A test I made on Sunday shows me that my calculations are correct.

I especially appreciate it that I have had no negative comments from you. It shows that everyone understands that this is beyond my control and the simple survival of the site is at stake.

So I will increase the amount I sent you by 4.5%. Example: If you cash out $4.00 I will send you $4.18. You should receive $3.70 (give or take a penny?) so you will pay ONLY the $0.30 flat fee. Complicated? HELL YES! But well try that for the time being.

Videolab Oct 30, 2017
Hi Children!

As many of you have noticed there have been few to NO videos available for the last few days. Hoping this was simply and end-of-month slowdown I sent an email to my affiliate manager for these videos, pointing out that I run a monthly contest and needed to know the future of them. Here is his response;

Hey Lyle (that's me!)

thanks for reaching out on this! Yes, we currently face some technical issues from the advertisers side. We are working on fixing them but in my opinion, its not a very good time to do a contest. Perhaps you should skip it this month.
Ill let you know once I got some updates on this issue.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

So, in light of this I will be suspending the Videolab contest for the month of November. :(
But this does not mean you should not check them and complete every one you see. This is the only way I will know if they're back and plan a December Videolab contest. In fact when they DO come back I will combine October's and November's Videolab earnings to determine how big a contest we will have for December.

Sorry about this. Trust me, it's worse for me than it is for you

Fees Oct 26, 2017
So here's how I have calculated it guys. For US members, who are the only ones earning and cashing out anyway, there is a flat $0.30 fee for every payment sent that you are being charged. You are ALSO being charged 4-5% on the remaining balance.

I am prepared to eat some of that. Those of you who have cashed out lately may have noticed I increased the amount by 1%, which is the fee I was paying before October.  I can't eat the $0.30 flat fee and keep $1.00 minimum cashouts because I would be out of business within a month. You must realize I work on the narrowest of profit margins. BUT let's find some way to work around the other 4%.

I'm making a poll for you to give your input on how best to deal with this. Some will be joke answers (just because it's ME) but some will be real/honest opportunities for you to give me your opinion. It's non-binding of course but I really want to know what you think. Some will cost YOU and some will cost ME, but remember I am the only one who has bills to pay for this site.

Oh, and I am giving each of you who responds to the poll by inbox message $0.01...........

1) Reduce the $0.10 Bonus to $0.06
2) Increase the Minimum payment to $3.00
3) Adjust Offer values to cover the 4%
4) Just pay the freaking fee for me and STFU
5) I'll pay the fee! You're just TOO adorable not to help!
6) F*ck you....I'll go somewhere else

Mad as Hell! May 9, 2017
.OfferWalls are great....for you. But our Bread and Butter HAS to be the network offers. Why? Well the reason is simple. OfferWalls, for the most part, pay Net30. This means I get paid for the offer you complete today at the beginning of July. Until then...guess who is carrying the burden of payment? Yup......me.

The networks I use pay weekly, so the payments from those need to cover what I am paying out to you in OfferWall payments. And this has not been the case for the last 2-3 months.

So, in an attempt to coerce you to concentrate on the network offers I am giving you:
"Mad as Hell!" Network Offer Contest

The top Network Offer completer from now until the end of May will automatically receive an extra $1.00. NO OFFERWALLS!

For those who do not understand the reference, because they are too young or otherwise, in 1976 movie was released called "Network." In the most famous and memorable scene the main star, Peter Finch, leans out a hi-rise window and says, over and over, "I am Mad as Hell and I'm not Gonna take it anymore!"
A pointless reference maybe, but it amused me. And after all, isn't that all that matters?

For those few who have read this far, here's a promocode gift:

Changes in Payment Terms Dec 26, 2016
Starting immediately I will be paying NET30 for first cashouts. This will be FIRST cashouts only, so for most of you this will change nothing. Payments to you will still be processed daily as always.

But new members, meaning new members AND new PayPal addresses, will be required to wait to receive their payments. NET30 means 30 days after the close of the current month. So if you cash out in December you will be paid by January 30th.
Established members will have seen the statistics for the month of December and will understand the reasoning behind this move. We have had a rash of new International members joining, quickly completing OfferWall offers and then cashing out. A bad thing? Not on the surface and hopefully not at all.

But all of the offer walls pay ME NET30. So by the time I have been paid for the completed offer the member in question has already been paid long before. And of course, should the worst happen and there are reversals then I will have given what amounts to a gift that I can never recoup.

Again, this only applies to FIRST-TIME cashouts ONLY. Established and returning members in good standing will continue to receive their payments the day following their cashout.
Thank you for your understanding.


April Newsish Mar 31, 2015
.Hi guys. We're going to have a few changes for April as I continue to try to determine what it is that you want. You told me you wanted Offer Walls, so I added Offer Walls...and no one does them. You told me we needed more offers so I added a lot of new offers and...... no one did them. I pay every day while some sites pay weekly, monthly, or whateverly and yet they have much more activity than we do. So here's where we are going now.

I wanted to raise offer values, because our system is contest-based as COS' was. Unfortunately because of the low level of activity we were unable to maintain contests.
Rather than simply increasing the offer value I have set the increase up as a contest. Every $1.00 earned now gives you an extra $0.10, which is equivalent to a 10% increase in offer values.

In addition Reward #1, Complete the Most will be replaced with Reward #5, EARN the most. This reward will only be available once the level of $10 earned in the month is reached. Obviously this should be no problem to reach. The goal here is to include people who do CPC nd PTC and even to encourage the big offer completers to do the CPC's.

We NEED to increase activity. So get going on those offers, both network and Offer Walls. :)

OK, everybody take a Valium Jan 2, 2015
Few or none of you will understand the reference so I will explain.

In 1976 the Parti Québecois won election and took over control in Québec, mking the separatist leader René Lévesque the Premier of the province. The next day in the English Montreal Daily newspapers a cartoon ran that showed Lévesque with his trademark cigarette hanging from his lip saying,
"OK, everybody take a Valium."

What the HELL does this have to do with KMC? Well, just this:
As of yesterday, January 1 2014, I am officially and totally in charge of the site. I own it and run it, not just de facto but legally as well. For most of you, maybe all of you, this will mean absolutely no change. Daily payments are the cornerstone of KMC, as they were of COS, so I will fight tooth and nail to continue to make them. I was worried in December, because by unlocking Grip I was paying both the formerly locked (November) cashouts and the new (December) cashouts and my PP balance dipped dangerously low. But, Grip paid early, and the last old Grip offer unlocks today so we are definitely golden as long as activity stays at a reasonable level. And once again, we showed  profit for the month of December, just as we have for EVERY month on COS and then on KMC since I took control.

Am I getting, or expecting to get, rich? HELLL NO!
But if you, my loyal members, stick with me we will all make some money.
We will all have fun
And we will BELONG. Because unlike other sites where members are semi-disposable commodities and unknown entities, every active member of KMC is respected and needed and appreciated.

So, maybe don't take a Valium after all. If you're with me, raise a glass of champagne or a glass of your personal favourite libation and toast a new beginning for KMC. With your help, in 2015 we will bring the site out of the shadows and make it a force to be reckoned with. Because together we can do great things


More Password Info Sep 5, 2014
Apparently you cannot send a Trouble Ticket unless you are logged in. Does that make sense to anyone?

Anyway,  that is not a viable option for the password issue. Please send me an email at either of these two addresses with your username and I will fix you up right away!


More information and more options are available on our facebook page:


Password changes Sep 3, 2014
From Shiftcode:

"We have rolled out a change to all sites that required all member accounts to have their passwords reset. Your members will need to do a forgot password to obtain their new passwords. This was required to ensure security and encryption of the password tables in the database."
If you are unable to or do not receive your new password simply open a Trouble Ticket with your username and desired password and we will change it for you. You can change it to something else on your own afterwards if you wish. I apologize for this inconvenience but it was done with your personal security in mind

September Sep 1, 2014
Good evening everyone. I hope you all had a great Labour Day (yes, the U is intentional and correct).
But now it's time to get to work, right?

As I am sure you noticed the month of August was VERY slow for us. Unacceptably slow in fact. OK, we still turned a profit over all but way way below what we should have done. So something has to be done to jumpstart the activity around here.
First of all, I have very quietly opened registration to almost all countries. Since we do not as yet have offers added for countries other than US/CA/UK/AU I ask you to suggest that they look to the offer walls (of which more will probably soon be added) for offers which they can complete.

Also, don't be surprised if some of you key members find yourselves suddenly, without warning, turned into shoutbox moderators. I have three of you in mind that I will add right away but perhaps others as time goes on. This is an unpaid position (sorry!) but I am hoping you will help keep any............unsavory......... remarks cleaned out of the shoutbox. Use the posted rules as a guide but mainly your own judgement as to what is to be allowed and what isn't.

What else? Well I would appreciate some feedback. Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing anything right? What do you like? What DON'T you like? In other words..................HELP!!

Andthat's all I have to say on that matter. Let's shake off the cobwebs and make September a month to be proud of!

Welcome to all old and new members! Jul 24, 2014
Hello everyone and welcome to KMC.

For those of you coming from COS please inbox me an estimate of what your balance was there and I will add it to your account here...........assuming it seems reasonable that is. You have until August 1st for this. We can do nothing besides move forward, and that's what we will do. Expect a poll to be posted very soon regarding the types of promos and contests we had before and whether we should implement those here.

For those regular KMC members out there you are probably a bit confused and (hopefully pleasantly) surprised by the sudden increase in activity so I will explain. A couple of days ago we lost a major GPT site due to a hardware failure. Since it was not recuperable I took over this site and we are moving our members here. Do not worry, the payment schedule and requirements ($1.00 minimum/Daily payments) remain the same. What will change is the number of offers available as well as a much greater sense of community and increased interaction between members and staff. Basically, we're going to have fun while making money.

So, let's do this people!
oh, and big kisses to all ;)
Current Promos
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4/1/24 9:23 PM
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US - 4/1/24 11:32 PM
sammy91: Ty faii.
4/2/24 5:26 AM
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CA - 4/3/24 9:20 PM
Foreign Affairs
faiiacy: That made for a pretty good little payout for you Sammy. Congrats and thank you for your hard work
US - 4/3/24 9:53 PM
sammy91: Youre welcome
4/4/24 6:58 PM
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US - 6/17/24 10:46 PM
sammy91: Going try be on again after tomorrow.
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6/19/24 4:03 AM
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